Downtime: The most feared enemy of every contractor

The rig is only as reliable as its weakest component/person. Downtime costs big money in:

  • The element of surprise and people's reaction to the failure
  • Immediate loss of production - there is no negotiation - it's over!
  • Scheduling and repairing, gaining control of shut-down time
  • Parts, hotshots, communications, and inconvenience to field operations
  • Embarrassment of downtime costs that may reflect on the reputation of the contractor
  • Tarnished reputation that may affect future contract possibilities

We used to believe that normal engine life, between major repairs, was about 18,500 to 20,000 hours. Since we incorporated Alerts' system into our daily operations, we now consistently receive 60,000+ trouble-free operating hours across our entire fleet. Now that's performance! That's uptime! That's significant revenue that we never realized before! Thanks for showing us the 'new normal.'
Senior VP - Drilling Contractor in Alberta, Canada

Since 1984, Alert Systems Preventive Maintenance Programs Have a Worldwide Proven Track Record of:

  • Eliminating unplanned downtime
  • Training unskilled workers so everyone knows exactly what to do for proper equipment maintenance
  • Increasing rig productivity, output and revenues
  • Increasing the life of rig equipment by 400% - 600%
  • Extending the life of consumables by 200% - 1000%
  • Drastically reducing the need for extra mechanics and so many spare parts
  • Exceeding OEM expectations for performance and equipment life

In these six months we have increased our efficiency levels to reflect the income of 25 rigs where we have 24. In other words, the procedures that you have showed us gave us the extra revenue of one rig. The rig did not need to be built, moved, outfitted or staffed... the money is just there. And, the numbers take into consideration the capital costs needed to implement your suggestions.
- Drilling Rig Senior Vice President

So, what's different about Alert Systems' Preventive Maintenance?

In the simplest terms, Alert Systems' programs are about training everyone WHY they're doing WHAT they're doing. Here's how it works:

  1. Alert Systems does an audit of existing equipment

  2. Alert Systems provides a customized maintenance plan for the specific equipment being used

  3. Workers attend an instructional course designed to completely train unskilled workers and leave with a comprehensive and confident understanding of their role in equipment maintenance

  4. Alert Systems provides custom and thorough instruction manuals for reference (see sample pages)

  5. Alert Systems provides fool-proof reference schedules and/or equipment schematics that are posted on or by each piece of equipment (see sample chart)

  6. Alert Systems provides daily, weekly, monthly and interval checklists so that the right maintenance is done when required (see sample checklist)

You simple enjoy the increased efficiency, increased profits, increased equipment life, and decreased downtime.

To be successful in any segment of the service industry you must have 'Service Quality' at the top of your priority list. A preventive maintenance program is the foundation on which to set the discipline that is necessary to succeed in attaining Premium Service Quality. It will pay dividends almost immediately by minimizing non-productive time and reducing operating costs. Premium service quality should be the key difference between you and your the competition and your customers expect and deserve it. Alert Systems has provided a preventive maintenance program that has been critical to TESCO's success in this endeavour.
- Barry Beierbach, VP Top Drive Business

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