Man & Machine

There is no doubt we all enjoyed the full glass of the most recent boom. Perhaps some are simply riding out the downturn and accepting that the glass is somewhat emptier. Is this really where we want to base our critical business decisions? Your greatest assets are “Man and Machine.” What we really want to accomplish is an understanding where our brilliantly-engineered machines are treated in a manner that will naturally cause exceptional trouble-free performance for an extended period of time.


Let’s start with the idea. There are many great ideas out there that claim to give your operations personnel the tools they need to perform efficiently. Many of these tools come from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). But what is their interest? Is it your success or theirs? I think you know the answer. Let me just say that it is easy to meet the expectations of the OEM; in fact, with a little understanding it is easy to exceed the OEM’s “normal” by a multiple of 2 or even 4. Over the next short while we are going to explore some of those “ideas” and see where they take us. A successful “Preventive Maintenance” initiative will incorporate some common sense ideas that will give you exceptional returns. In the meantime, consider the above statement and see where it leads you. In the meantime, consider this statement:

“You know why we are busy and the competition is laying off their guys? You know why our yard is empty and theirs is full? Do you know why we can make money even at $45 per barrel? You know why? It’s because our equipment is reliable and we have put into play all of the steps necessary to keep it that way. Our NPT is at 0.5% while theirs is at 15-17%. We can simply bid our services lower than they can and still make money! That’s why!”

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