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A good maintenance program has to include a way of tracking the day-to-day activities. Over the years we have seen a number of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) on the market that claim to be maintenance programs. They are a tracking "system" with no way of actually instructing field personnel how to perform maintenance functions of any kind.


Alert Systems has worked with a number of these systems; some are already in place and others need to be installed. We combine the benefits of a computerized program while incorporating our materials to give the necessary instruction for implementation. Our programs are compiled manually first and then transferred into a well-reasoned CMMS.

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Decrease Overhead

Less supervisory people, less inventory, less shop space, less mechanical staff, less after-hours call outs, less telephone calls, less stress, less surprises


It seems that our industry is full of low expectations because we have become conditioned to believe that equipment, and the people who operate it, will let us down. That has been the past experience and expectation. Why!? Because, in the past, that has been our experience, and that has taught us what we believe to be the natural reality. Not so!


  • Reduced NPT (Non Productive Time)
  • Trained and skilled personnel
  • Reduced ‘in stock’ inventory
  • Reduced unscheduled maintenance
  • Reliable Safe working environment


Increase Output

It’s a marriage – man and machine – and they have to get along


More than that, man has to understand the machine and make the proper choices to promote optimum equipment health: reliability, uptime, efficiency, and understanding that proper Preventive Maintenance (PM) will outlast the previous boundaries and set ‘new normal’ reliability standards. Increased output, reduced operational costs = increased output revenue $$$. These dollars go directly to the bottom line.


Increased output is not something that you have to strive to achieve; it is a natural outcome of a smart operation and making smart choices from reliable data.


Eliminate Downtime

Downtime: The most feared enemy of every contractor


The rig is only as reliable as its weakest component/person. Downtime costs big money in:


  • The element of surprise and people’s reaction to the failure
  • Immediate loss of production – there is no negotiation – it’s over!
  • Scheduling and repairing, gaining control of shut-down time
  • Parts, hotshots, communications, and inconvenience to field operations
  • Embarrassment of downtime costs that may reflect on the reputation of the contractor
  • Tarnished reputation that may affect future contract possibilities


Train Workers

Alert Systems Ltd. has already trained over 22,000 rig personnel worldwide on good preventive maintenance practices


Learn the basics, make the right choices, react to situations wisely, and the results will follow naturally.