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ALERT SYSTEMS LTD. was incorporated in May 1982 by Bernie Wiebe to train industries to sustain a remarkably cost-effective approach in all areas of maintenance, shop and field management. This has saved thousands and even millions of dollars.


For a full overview of our company, please download our Company Overview Document: AlertSystems 2015

Bernie Wiebe, a licensed Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic (certified by the Province of Alberta and Inter-provincially licensed in Canada), has worked in industry, transportation, oil well drilling and servicing, industrial and power generation since 1968 at many levels of operations and management, serving companies such as John Deere, International Harvester, Caterpillar, and Detroit Diesel Allison.


Today, with new technology and advanced methods of operation, companies have been forced to look for alternatives to the high cost of equipment operation, maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, far too many companies work from a reactive instead of a proactive position, which costs millions of unnecessary dollars annually.


Bernie Wiebe provides a Preventive Maintenance program which will never cost your company money. It pays its own way, generating huge savings in equipment reliability, reduced downtime and customer satisfaction.



Preventive maintenance service training will prove to be one of the most cost-effective tools in which your company can invest.

After reviewing the needs of your company and evaluating its cost-effectiveness, Alert Systems Ltd. recommends a proven repair maintenance program which alerts your operation to some of the common pitfalls that occur at your shop. Using extraordinary software and services, which leverage real-time data and leading-edge preventive maintenance technology, we help you ensure that only qualified/trained personnel are working on your equipment, only approved OEM repair methods and parts are used, and that the original cause of failure is repaired.


A lack of proper maintenance in one area ultimately affects many other components and initiates future sudden failures. For this reason, it is important for operations personnel to realize the consequences of improper maintenance. A proactive approach to equipment health is much more cost effective than a reactive reaction to a failure.


Training of service and operations personnel continues to be one of the most important aspects of any maintenance operation. Over the years, Bernie has held training classes for more than 20,000 students at locations central to field operations in Canada, the United States and overseas. Those attending ranged from roughnecks, drillers, derrick men, tool pushers, senior engineers, maintenance planners, operations managers, mechanics, parts men, safety and company presidents.